Tourism in My Home In Saint-Jean-de-Luz

With 14,000 inhabitants, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a medium-sized city that has preserved its authenticity. Located at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and at the bottom of the Pyrenees, it offers a living environment conducive to relaxation with its many beaches but also sports with many hikes to its credit. In addition to the surrounding nature and a particularly mild climate, Saint-Jean-de-Luz offers an exceptional urban heritage. Come and discover the traditional fishing port, the owners' houses of the 17th and 18th century, the Saint Jean Baptiste church where Louis XIV married the Spanish Infanta Marie-Therese in 1660 - who has largely contributed to the national and international reputation of the city - not forgetting the residences of those later which are just superb. It should be noted that the city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz obtained at the beginning of 2016, the label Country of Art and History, supported by the Ministry of Culture with the aim of upgrading and promoting architecture. and heritage. The result ? New tours organized by the city to discover all the treasures of the city!

This historic environment gives a very special character to this very concentrated urban center which is also, year-round, the most popular place in the south of Aquitaine. With two other major advantages: its port and its bay. The first, as we know, is an element that has a great attraction for visitors. The second has a unique quality: it is the only harbor sheltered between Arcachon and Spain. A \"comfort\ ">And let's not forget the very famous rue Gambetta for its permanent commercial animation, weekends included. A seductive ensemble that makes Saint-Jean-de-Luz a popular destination for tourists from all over the world with quality accommodation.